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At CodeCollege you will learn how to talk to a computer in the languages it can understand and tell it whatever you want it to do for you!
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Get simple-to-learn multimedia based lessons for the course that you want including along with homework exercises.


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At the end of each course lesson, you are expected to answer and submit the homework exercise that will be given to you.


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An expert assessment of your lesson homework will be submited to you after which you can continue the next lesson.

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Introduction to Python (CC7)
This language is currently the most sought after programming language by learners and expert programmers because of its ease of use and ability to accomplish more work with just a few lines of codes. It is a multi purpose language but has shown that ...

Introduction to Java (CC6)
This is the most popular language in use today. It can be used for almost any programmable job ranging from writing codes for mobile phones to programming a Smart Card.

At CodeCollege we will teach you how to make use of the Java Prog ...

Introduction to C-Sharp (CC5)
This language is fast becoming one of the most sought after high-level languages for programming business and enterprise applications by programmers. It is has shown prowess in the area of web and mobile development looks to have a very bright applic ...

Introduction to C++ (CC4)
This language is very is used to create very powerful and extremely fast software applications because of its ease in communicating with the hardware resources that control the operations of the computer easily. Most programming languages borrow a th ...

Introduction to Java Script (CC3)
JavaScript is the programming language used to handle actions with elements on the webpage. With JS, you can create cool slideshows, create countdown timers, make webpage loading effects make online games and do many, many other things.
We are ...

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Confused which course to start? Click here to contact our team for help.



Learning how to Code for Beginners in Nigeria ~ posted 10:43am - Mar 25

So, you have always wanted to become a programmer but did not know how to start. Should you go ...


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