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Learning how to Code for Beginners in Nigeria

Date Posted: 10:43am - Mar 25

So, you have always wanted to become a programmer but did not know how to start. Should you go a computer school? If so which one? Do you learn online? If so which site do you visit? Where and how do you start?

We will try to help you out but first you have to ask yourself this question.


Why do you want to learn how to code?
You can find a list of options that you can pick from the list below that may be close to your reason to code below.

Okay so let us look at the reasons and then suggest how you would go about learning how to code.


You want to learn programming for the Money!

Yes money makes the world go round and in this world and most especially this country, the point of living for most of us is to make money.
So if you need to learn to code in order for you to make a living you have the option of focusing to work as a paid programmer or a freelancer.

A paid programmer works in a company establishment and will need to have certifications for required skills to show their proof of being qualified work for them.

If you are targeting to be a paid programmer, you may need to take certification courses. This is best done by going to computer schools where you can be taught on these courses for a fee for a period of time after which you will take certification exams and the certification there after.

As a freelancer, you do not need to have any certification before you start to take a job. But you will need to be able to write code that works.
You can learn how to code by taking online classes or reading tutorials from the internet.

Unlike paid programmers, freelancers have to deal with the clients directly and so they rely on the quality of their past or recent job portfolios to convince them to give them a job contract.

The advantage of being a paid programmer is that you do not have to hustle clients for the money and all you need to do is code and take home your pay check at the end of the month

As a freelancer, you may not be guaranteed of a monthly paycheck, but if know how to code very well, satisfy your customers and market yourself in the right places to the right people, you can be sure of making enough income to keep you at home.

Whichever path that you choose it is important that you have a laptop to use to learn how to code. Using a mobile phone to learn how to code is like using a power bike to learn how to drive a car. You need the right tools to get started to become professionally on your journey to learn how to code.

Learning to code as a student in school

Learn to code for your studies If you are learning as student taking a computer science related course in school, then you have the opportunity to learn as many languages as you want, until you find the one that suits you.

Note that in many Nigerian Universities or Polytechnics they may still be teaching you older programming languages.

Such may include such languages as Fortran, COBOL and Pascal.
These languages cannot be used outside of the school to solve any problem in the real world but sadly, you are forced to learn them!

So do not make the mistake of thinking that because you have learnt Pascal, you can start working in the real world. You will be deeply disappointed!

Build your programming knowledge foundation by learning C++ or Java as you will find that most programming languages are built around their style.

Once you have done that it will be easy for you to learn how to code with other languages like VB.NET, C-Sharp, Python, PHP and HTML.

Remember, you are in school to learn, so do just that and learn as much as you can so that when you leave school, you will be armed with several choices of programming careers that you can do that which will not be limited to just a few programming languages.

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You want learn how to code to do your own start-up?

Learn to code for your business idea So you have this idea in your head that you want to implement yourself which is why you want to learn programming? Very Cool!

This is one of the best ways to learn programming. When you have an inspiration to achieve something with it, that passion to get it will inspire you to go all the way.

But the mistake many beginners make when trying to learn how to program so as to make their dream software program is that they start to learn languages unrelated to what they need to develop it.

If for example, you need to make an ecommerce website, you do not need to start learning C++.

Or you need to make a mobile app game and then you start by learning MySQL.

This will lead you on a long journey away from your goal. The bad thing about this is that you may soon loose interest and probably give up on your pursuit.
Do your research and find out what is the easiest programming language that can be used to do whatever it is that you want to develop.

That way, learning to code to do your idea will become a much more realistic goal for you.


You want to learn how to code for no reason in particular

Learn to code for your business idea It is okay if you fall into this category.

Many programmers that had no reason to know how to code, did so based on following other people�s suggestions.

All you need to do is to make yourself familiar with programming. Learn to know what it is all about, read tutorials online and try to write some code based on what you have learned.

If you see that you like it, then learn more! If you find it too challenging for you to do, do not worry. You can always drop it and come back some other time to try again.


Coding is as simple as you want it to be. There are so many languages out there so there is surly going to be one that will suit you.

If you need to learn how to code but do not know where to start you can ask an expert here.

If you already have a language that you want to learn, you start by trying out a free video lesson of our programming courses below:

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